"I just want to be like everyone else"

A Guide to Reasonable Adjustments for families of children and young people in education

This guide was co-produced with families, children and young people; all the quotes and examples are based upon lived experiences.

Lead author, researcher and project manager; there is also a film of the same name which is available to view upon request.   You can view the booklet using the images to the right.

(published 2016)

You are not alone
A parent's perspective on autism

"It's difficult to say how you might feel when the suspicion starts to creep up that your son or daughter might be difficult in some way.   Or it might be that the school or nursery are sharing concerns with you?"

This booklet, commissioned by Richmond & Kingston CCG's is a gentle introduction to understanding your child - whether or not you choose to seek a diagnosis.  The booklet is still very much in demand.

Lead researcher and author for this booklet.   You can view the booklet via the images on the right.

(published 2018)

School Exclusions
Young people's rights and the laws that protect them

"Children and young people with SEND are much more likely to be excluded that children without SEND.   The law around exclusions can seem complication and the implications of going along with informal (unlawful) exclusions affect your children's and young people's rights"

Lead researcher and author for this booklet.  You view the booklet using the images on the right.
(published 2018)

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