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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Dear All

So… there is some good news in here, as well as a round up on the education funding crisis…

1 The SEND Carers Coffee and Chat

2 SENDIASS - Come and meet the team!

3 Reasonable Adjustments, Inclusion and Exclusion

4 School funding - Westminster Hall debate

5 #education funding - 8th March 2019

6 It was never a dress – International Women’s Day

7 #SENDNationalCrisis - march in London

8 Stress and Teachers

9 Hunrosa - zzzzzzzzz

10 The Creativity of ADHD

11 Let’s dance in a circle!

1 The SEND Carers Coffee and Chat

Local group for Barnes This small, friendly group have been meeting for some while now (a couple of years perhaps?). Last week, they took the decision to give themselves a name and to publish regular meeting dates. SENDSpeak is delighted to be breaking this news here!

The SEND Carers Coffee and Chat is open to all and is quite deliberately based at the Castlenau Centre in Barnes. This is because the group feel there is a local need to be met by having an informal group that local to Barnes, that parents and carers can drop into easily.

(If you look at a map of Richmond borough, you can see that Barnes is nestled within one of the far curves of the Thames ).

Dates for the rest of this term are:

Monday 1st April Monday 13th May Monday 3rd June Monday 1st July 10am to 12noon

Castelnau Centre, Stillingfleet Rd, Barnes, SW13 9AQ

And a warm welcome will be given!


2 SENDIASS - Come and meet the team!

Richmond Kingston SEND Information, Advice and Support Service

“We'll be hosting an informal drop in session on Wednesday, 13th March, your opportunity to learn more about the impartial and confidential advice and support we offer around SEN-related issues and benefits.

Parents, carers and young people from across Kingston and Richmond are most welcome to come along for an informal chat.”

Wednesday 13th March - 10am to 2am

The Moor Lane Centre, Moor Lane, Chessington

More information here:

3 Reasonable Adjustments, Inclusion and Exclusion

What can we, as parent and carers expect from schools in terms of protecting our children’s places and happiness in schools? Despite the current funding crisis; here are some links that may help:

The law here is an assumptive duty that schools must make reasonable adjustments to ensure all pupils are included and not disadvantaged in any way. Follow this link for a short booklet, a film* and a table of good idea (bitesize table) written by SENCos and parents.

*The film last 9 minutes and is young people in their own words.

This page covers exclusions, including a short film (4 minutes) and a parent/carer friendly booklet on School Exclusions and SEND:

This is the ‘contents’ page on Inclusion and Exclusion on the Local Offer. You can find information on exam arrangements and inclusion advice for employers or young people with SEND entering employment

4 School funding - Westminster Hall debate

“That this House has considered e-petition 232220 relating to school funding”

Following on from last week’s brief SENDSpeak, here is more news:

Watch the debate:

Read the transcript:

Read the research:

The petition:

Repeating this as it is so very evident that the Department for Education are not listening…

The Minister (Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State at the Department for Education) summed up (from 19:13:02) and his comments on SEND begin in the link below:

At the very end, it’s marked that the lead questioner said how very disappointed she was in the Minister’s response; he qualified the existing funding but did not address the evidence presented in the debate. The Minister was asked to ‘think very hard’ about this in future.

5 #educationfunding - 8th March 2019

Quite a lot of news on this subject last Friday…. the papers, twitter and the BBC. Here’s a brief round up:

“'It's dangerous': full chaos of funding cuts in England's schools revealed

Guardian investigation finds teachers doing the cleaning and paying for books and pens to plug the gaps”

The letter

“Attached is the letter to parents sent from thousands of Headteachers today”

@WorthLessFF Schools Campaign for Fairer Funding

“School heads write to millions of parents over funding cuts

7,000 headteachers sending letter home with pupils accusing DfE of refusing to face effects of cuts. The education secretary, Damian Hinds, has been criticised by the headteachers’ campaigning group Worth Less? for refusing to meet headteachers and hear first-hand their struggles with funding cuts.”

“Head teacher talks of cleaning loos amid funds shortfall

Siobhan Lowe, head of Tolworth Girls' School in Surbiton, south London, spoke of the embarrassment of not being able to fund support for her pupils. She says she has already sold off land, cut subjects and a deputy head post to stay afloat, as budgets tightened.”

6 It was never a dress – International Women’s Day …a shout out to all amazing Mums out there! From the National SEND Crisis Facebook group.

And while we’re on the topic of SEND Crisis, a reminder…

7 #SENDNationalCrisis - march in London

This group is run by parents of disabled young people. “Our aim is to tackle the failing SEND and EHCP process by linking with others in our situation.”

30th May 2019

A national event, with co-ordinated local events

“On 30th May 2019 #SEND families, friends, teachers and many other SEND supporters will be taking to the streets for the National #SENDCrisis March. There will be a series of co-ordinated local marches all over the UK.”

You can join the Facebook page by pasting this into Facebook: SEND National Crisis March

8 Stress and Teachers OK – so this article is just over a year old. But it’s certainly not getting any better. Therapists also report a rise in the number of teachers they are seeing. The impact of poor funding affects everyone around the child, including the teachers…

Teaching unions are warning of an “epidemic of stress” as research revealed that 3,750 teachers were signed off on long-term sick leave last year because of pressure of work, anxiety and mental illness.”

9 Hunrosa - zzzzzzzzz

“A Cornish Sleep Consultancy has been helping disabled children overcome their sleep difficulties. Through NHS funding, Hunrosa have offered free assessments for children, sessions for families and those who support them and successful training for professionals across the UK. Jan from Hunrosa explained “we have seen large demand for help with sleep difficulties.... through the Sleep Wise programme children experience better sleep completely and swiftly”.”

10 The Creativity of ADHD

More insights on a positive side of a “disorder”

Article from Scientific American, by Holly White – 5th March 2019

“ADHD may create difficulties for individuals in many contexts that required focused, sustained attention—such as school, where students are expected to sit still and pay attention. On the other hand, the same distractibility and chaotic mind can give people with ADHD an edge when it comes to creative, original thinking. This new study suggests that ADHD may be especially beneficial when the goal is to create or invent something new without being locked into—and constrained by—old models or conventions.”

11 Let’s dance in a circle!

Just one of those things picked up on Twitter – not a special school, just a video to make you smile about what Monday’s could be! (15 seconds)


It's Monday!

Goat club starts again!

Back to school for everyone!

#OliviaColman won an Oscar!

Everything's alright with the world!

Let's dance in a circle!



If you have any questions at all, please ask and I'll do my best to find an answer.

With best wishes, Romany



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