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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Dear All

Plenty of activity in government this week, both local and national…

1. "...tell the Government to adequately fund special needs education"

2. “Councils, Schools and Parents are reduced to fighting each other, blaming each other, for what is actually a collective problem” [Vince Cable MP]

3. #SENDNationalCrisis

4. The SEND Inquiry – Tuesday 12th February (morning)

5. Mandatory training in learning disabilities and autism

6. Express Autism Conference 2019

7. SEND Hour - at the World of Work Roadshow

8. A guide to the Care Act 2014 and other laws

9. Case Law Update 37 - RB v Calderdale MBC

10. Workshop: EHCPs in Richmond: Know Your Rights

11. New - Theatrical Workshop

12. Free Trampolining!

13. Richmond Mencap – activities for 8-17 year olds

14. Brewers Twickenham to the Rescue – for an Outstanding school

1 "...tell the Government to adequately fund special needs education"

“If you are someone who cares about the crisis in special needs education, created by Government underfunding of services, you can write to the Secretary of State using the Council’s website.

The letter to Mr Hinds outlines the perilous financial state his Government’s policies have placed local authorities and schools in. Whilst demand for special needs education continues to grow funding has not come with it, and as a result there will be a £12 million funding gap by 2021/22.”

The full release is here:

The link to the letter

And the link to the letter for residents to send to the Secretary of State; the more copies of this he gets, the better:

2 “Councils, Schools and Parents are reduced to fighting each other, blaming each other, for what is actually a collective problem”

The above is quoted from Vince Cable MP’s summing up at the Westminster Hall Debate during the afternoon of last Tuesday 12th February. Full summing up in the extract below (4.5 minutes)

Extracted summing up - Tuesday 12 February 2019

And from the Chair at the very end of the extract below:

May I break a few rules by saying, from the Chair, that I strongly support the broad thrust of this debate. I very much hope that our government will sort this out in the next 12 months”

Westminster Hall debate: Special educational needs and disabilities funding

Tuesday 12 February 2019 Meeting started at 2.30pm, ended 5.34pm

Full debate here:

We have to hope that Brexit gets sorted out pdq, so that government can get back to the business of governing!

3 #SENDNationalCrisis

You don’t have to be fighting the system in our (SEND) world. This is often just our lives anyway. What we don’t need is to fight the system as well as navigate our parenting responsibilities.

#SENDNationalCrisis - march in London

This group is run by parents of disabled young people. “Our aim is to tackle the failing SEND and EHCP process by linking with others in our situation.”

30th May 2019

A national event, with co-ordinated local events

“On 30th May 2019 #SEND families, friends, teachers and many other SEND supporters will be taking to the streets for the National #SENDCrisis March. There will be a series of co-ordinated local marches all over the UK.”

4 The SEND Inquiry – Tuesday 12th February (morning)

Last week’s meeting was oral evidence from Local Authority chief executives, the transcript of the meeting is here:

The homepage for the Inquiry is here, and all publications may be found here:

5 Mandatory training in learning disabilities and autism

“The Department of Health and Social Care are consulting on its intention to introduce mandatory training for health and care staff. The Department aims to raise the awareness of staff to improve the support that people with learning disabilities and autism receive in health and care services, in particular to reduce the mortality rates.

The consultation at the link below is open until 29 March.”

6 Express Autism Conference 2019

"On Wednesday 20th March 2019 we are organising an event for World Autism Awareness, 10:30am - 14:30pm at The Rose Theatre in Kingston upon Thames including talks, information & product stalls.

Please do spread the word! Talks are suitable for autistic people, parents, professionals, local businesses and anyone who would like to learn more about supporting our young people in our community.

Speakers include Chris Bonnello, Purple Ella, Suzy Rowland, John Williams, & Local Young People.”

For more information about the talks and to book your place, follow this link:

7 SEND Hour - at the World of Work Roadshow

This annual event organised by AFC is aimed at young people aged 15-18 in the borough of Kingston and Richmond and we have around 60 exhibitors who are from local and national organisations and companies who will be available to talk to the young people (some with interactive activities and displays) and give them information on careers and apprenticeships in their organisations.”

Wednesday 6th March - 11am to 4pm

The Stoop, Langhorn Drive, Twickenham, TW2 7SX (there is plenty of parking available)

SEND Hour – 11am to 12noon “The first hour from 11am - 12noon will be specifically aimed at young people with SEND and will be less busy during that period. We have asked organisations who have SEND provision to make this information available during this first hour.

We will also be hosting the travel training awards in the first hour for young people who have completed their SEND travel training in the last year - and for their families and friends.

The Mayors for both Richmond and Kingston boroughs will be attending too.”

8 A guide to the Care Act 2014 and other laws

“How to get the right support from your local authority: a guide to the Care Act 2014 and other laws, for family carers of an adult with learning disabilities and/or autism.

This guide is for family carers who have a relative with learning disabilities and/or autism and who want to know more about their rights under the Care Act”


9 Case Law Update 37 - RB v Calderdale MBC

These Case Law updates come from Steve Broach a specialist in SEND law, via the Council for Disabled Children (CDC). Being law, it can be a bit cumbersome to read – but it’s often worth keeping up to date.

@CDC_tweets “where a Local Authority (LA) and the First-tier Tribunal get put right by the Upper Tribunal on the test for an EHC needs assessment - important guidance for other cases inc where there is a ‘disability’ but no ‘learning difficulty’

“In this update the Upper Tribunal reversed a decision of the First-tier Tribunal and ordered a local authority to carry out an EHC needs assessment for teenage boy with significant health problems resulting in a relevant ‘disability’. The Upper Tribunal emphasised that the key question at the assessment stage was only whether it may be necessary for special educational provision to be made in accordance with an EHC Plan.”

10 Workshop: EHCPs in Richmond: Know Your Rights

Ruils’ next Family Matters workshop is on the EHCP process in Richmond, including your rights as parents. Alex Hardy, Ruils’ SEN Advisor will be presenting the workshop.

More information, and to book a place, please follow this link:

Tuesday 26th February - 10am to12.30pm

The Disability Action and Advice Centre, 4 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11 8HT

“Family Matters offers 1:1 support and workshops for parents and carers of children with extra needs. We can work with you to focus on areas of family life that are causing concern and identify steps to address them. We can provide information, support and advocacy services.”

11 New - Theatrical Workshop

Dance and Creative Movement - Starting on 26th February 2019

“An exploration of embodied dance, working on a range of different themes and techniques, in turn developing their own narrative and movement material. Each week we shall work on material to showcase within the local community.

This class is for individuals aged 16+ with PMLD. Dramatize shall not provide any personal care within this session, however we welcome parents/carers to stay and support their young person.

The session runs every Tuesday 2-3pm at the new Exchange Theatre opposite the Twickenham train station, TW1 1BE.”

To find out more and book your free taster session, please contact Karen: T: 07785187748 E:

12 Free Trampolining!

“Achieving for Children through Aiming High funding is giving children and young people who live within the Royal Borough of Kingston and the London Borough of Richmond the chance to enter a draw for two trampoline sessions. We will accept up to 100 draw entries, and those who have not accessed any short breaks or short break funding within this financial year will have priority. All remaining places will be allocated at random.

If you are selected, you will be able to redeem two trampoline sessions at the stated venue. This will entitle the child or young person to attend two one-hour sessions at the venue.

The deadline for draw entries is Friday 1 March 2019.”

To enter the draw please use this link:

If you need a paper version please contact:

David Arrow

T: 0208 547 6564


Jodi Williams

T: 020 8547 5733


13 Richmond Mencap – activities for 8-17 year olds

14 Brewers Twickenham to the Rescue – for an Outstanding school

This Civic Pride funded ‘Project Sunshine’ will be completed by June 1019 when there will be a One Year On celebration at Clarendon Primary Centre.

“…funding allowed only half of the external render of Clarendon Primary Centre in Hampton to be painted before the money ran out. The school walls required painting to allow the school to complete their mosaic project which invited children to draw their own designs onto the walls which would be transformed into a mosaic.”

For more, follow this link:


And Clarendon Schools also received an Outstanding in their recent Ofsted report (January 2019). More information here:

If you have any questions at all, please ask and I'll do my best to find an answer.

With best wishes, Romany



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